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NorthBark Dog Park in Dallas

Bring your furry family to this off-leash park that spans 22.3 acres in the northern part of Dallas. It’s a great place for your pup to romp and chase their tennis balls to their heart’s content.

It’s designed for humans and hounds alike with features like drinking bowls, dog showers, pet waste stations, and picnic areas.

NorthBark Dog Park in Dallas
NorthBark Dog Park in Dallas

22.3 Acres of Fun

One of the largest dog parks in North Texas, this off-leash park covers 22.3 acres. It features trails, a lake, and a dog beach along with picnic areas and portlets. There are also water fountains and waste stations for dogs and humans.

It is located in the northern part of Dallas and has separate fenced-in areas for large and small dogs, making it a great option for owners with skittish or smaller dogs. It is also a good place for families with kids and other pets.

NorthBark is home to a variety of dog-friendly restaurants, so you can enjoy some time out with your pup without having to leave the park.

Large Dog Area

A large, fenced off-leash play area allows your pup to burn energy in a safe and controlled setting. You’ll also find plenty of shady spots to escape the Texas summer sun and poo-cleanup posts that make cleanup easier.

This dog park on the north side of Dallas offers separate areas for small and large dogs and features a lake that lets your doggo swim. The park also has drinking fountains for people and dogs, pet waste stations, and dog drinking bowls.

The dog park is open 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM Monday-Wednesday and closed on Thursdays for maintenance. It has a double-gated entrance to ensure the safety of pups and humans.

Separate Large and Small Dog Areas

There are plenty of spots to spread out at this park with separate large and small dog areas. Your furry friend can splash in the doggy lake, frolic on the loop trail, or relax under the pavilion.

This off-leash wonderland for pups is located in North Dallas and covers over 22.3 acres. With a dog beach, lake, and trails, it’s a great spot for pups to run free and hang out with friends.

It’s the biggest official off-leash park in the North Texas area. The park is fenced and includes a dog lake, water fountains, and a gazebo for when the Texas sun gets too hot.

Picnic Areas

NorthBark Dog Park is a great spot to take your pup for a picnic. With separate areas for small and large dogs, this off-leash park also includes a flagstone observation deck and walking trail.

This 22.3-acre off-leash park in far north Dallas has everything you and your furry friend could want. Pamper your pup on the unique dog beach adjacent to the doggy lake, frolic on the 6-foot wide loop trail, or lounge under the pavilion. You can even cool off with a doggy shower surrounded by elegant flagstone structures. Dog drinking bowls and pet wash stations are available as well. The park is closed on rainy days and Tuesdays for maintenance.

Dog Beach

If you want to take your dog for a day of off-leash fun that isn’t too far from pet-friendly apartments in Dallas, NorthBark is the place to go. Located in north Dallas, this dog park has everything you need for the perfect day out with your pup including a large lake, trails, a doggy beach, and more.

Although this off-leash park has all of the things you would expect from a dog park like separate areas for large and small dogs, benches, poop bags stations, and water fountains with poop bowls, it also has unique dog-focused amenities like pet-friendly sculptures and structures from local artists.

Dog Showers

Just recently renovated, this unique off-leash park in far north Dallas offers everything you and your furry friend could want. It features a pond, trails, pavilions, and a dog shower surrounded by custom-cut dog silhouettes and elegant flagstone structures.

This fenced dog park has it all—a 2.1-acre area for large dogs, 0.85 acres for small dogs, and more! There are decorative fire hydrants, plenty of trails, a shady spot for picnicking, and multiple mutt-friendly restaurants within walking distance.

There’s nothing like a fun day spent with your pup. What better way to bond with your paw there than at one of our favorite dog parks in Dallas?

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