Mark Buskuhl | Owner of Ninebird Properties

Ninebird Properties is owned by Mark Buskuhl, a long time Dallas-Fort Worth resident since the 90's who started buying real estate in 2002.  

Over the years he and his team have paid cash for homes, lots, and tracts of land all over North Texas, often times changing entire streets and neighborhoods.

As one of the leading we buy homes for cash companies in Dallas-Fort Worth, he has seen it all. Fires, floods, rodent infested, inhabitable, hoarder, death, and worse than the mind can ever imagine.

Ninebird Properties provides win-win solutions to help homeowners who want to sell your house fast and avoid all of the challenges and pitfalls of the traditional home selling way.


Not every situation is the same, which is why his team will buy houses for cash and tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Mark has extensive experience in mortgage lending, construction, land development, property appraisal, real estate title issues, probate, heirship, property taxes, and real estate sales. He has mentored several cash home buyers over the years and many are still with him today.

Sell your Property with Ninebird Properties
Mark Buskuhl Ninebird Properties Family Owned

As a family-owned business, Mark does not rely on outside investors or banks to buy homes for cash and is able to make quick decisions without having to obtain any approvals.


As a cash house buyer, he can can offer more than the big corporations or other investors due to his experience and resources.

Mark's number one priority is taking care of homeowners who want to sell house fast and to do what he and his team say they are going to do. 

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Cash House Buyer Solutions Team

Alden Fortner - Senior Property Specialist at Ninebird Properties
Alden Fortner - Solutions Manager

Alden is a real estate valuation guru and loves meeting with property owners to create win-win solutions. He understands situations when you need to sell your house fast and have a guaranteed closing. 

Agustin Montoya Property Specialist at Ninebird Properties
Agustin Montoya - Solutions Associate

Agustin is bilingual and goes above and beyond to provide creative solutions for any situation whether you need to sell house quickly or next year. We buy homes for cash and Agustin can help get yours sold. 

Ruth Bilan Solutions Assosciate at Ninebird Properties
Ruth Bilan - Solutions Coordinator

We buy houses for cash and Ruth identifies which homes may be a good fit. If you want to sell my house fast Ruth will first make sure we are the right cash home buyers for you.