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Sell My House Fast North Texas

Sell My House Fast North Texas

Close in as Little as 7 Days

No Commissions or Fees

Fair Cash Offer

No Repairs or Showings

Any Condition - Good or Bad

Sell my house fast in Dallas, TX to Ninebird Properties the leading cash home buyer in Dallas-Fort Worth. 


We buy houses in DFW and have for more than 20 years with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

We buy houses in as is condition and will give you a competitive cash offer. Ninebird Properties makes the selling process easy with no realtor fees and no closing costs. 

Get your fair cash offer now and call 972-996-1839.

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Sell Your House Stress-Free in North Texas

No complicated processes, repairs, or stressful showings.

We understand that sometimes life happens and things come up that make it difficult to keep your house. Maybe you're going through a divorce, or you've inherited a property that you don't want to deal with. Whatever the reason, we're here to help you sell your house and offer real estate solutions at a fair price. As cash home buyers we will give you a fair cash offer without the need for a real estate agent. 

We want to help you take control of your situation, make it easy, and get back to living the life you want to live with a cash sale. You deserve all of the options that are available to you. We buy houses all over Dallas - Fort Worth and have hundreds of happy clients. 


Get a cash offer or give us a call at 972-996-1839 and our solutions team will talk through your options. Whether we buy your house or not, you'll have more knowledge to make the decision that is best for you. 


We’ll help you make sense of this confusion and present you with options that can potentially get you cash in as little as 7 days. You pick the day you want to close and we pay all closings costs. Sell my house fast Dallas Texas today with a cash offer from Ninebird Properties. 

Sell My House Fast DFW Testimonial

Lightning-Fast House Sale Delights Dallas Seller Karen Looking to Sell My House Fast

We Offer An Easier, Faster, & Better Way To Sell Your House

Zero Fees, Cash Payment, Your Timeline: Sell Hassle-Free Today!
No Commissions

Are you tired of hefty commissions and realtor fees eating into your home's sale from real estate agents? The annoyance of open houses and agent's expensive fees? At Ninebird Properties, we offer a different approach. We buy houses in Dallas Texas fast for a fair cash price, saving you from agent fees and closing costs. Say goodbye to the hassle of realtors and sell your house quickly as-is, without the traditional listing process. Our local company provides fair cash offers, ensuring a smooth and speedy closing. With over a decade of experience, we're dedicated to making the selling process stress-free. Contact us today for a fair, competitive cash offer on your Dallas Texas property.

No Closing Costs

In Texas, the closing of a real estate deal is overseen by a title company, a requirement for which is attorney ownership. However, these transactions come with a range of expenses that can accumulate rapidly. From escrow and notary fees to recording, document preparation, settlement, title insurance, courier charges, tax certificates, and various other fees—the costs can add up significantly. At Ninebird Properties, we believe in transparency and ease for sellers. We pay closing costs. When you sell your house to us, you won't incur any closing costs. We cover 100% of these expenses, ensuring a smooth process for you. Your responsibility is limited to any existing liens (like mortgage or tax obligations) and property taxes up until the closing.

No Fees

When selling your property traditionally, sellers typically encounter additional expenses. A survey becomes necessary, outlining property boundaries, improvements, and easements. Moreover, buyers commonly ask for a home warranty, safeguarding their purchase during the initial year. However, when you sell your home to us for cash, there are no fees involved for you. If a survey is needed, we take care of the expense. As cash house buyers, Ninebird Properties shoulders all risks associated when we buy houses in Dallas Texas. You won't have to worry about any costs or liabilities, ensuring a hassle-free selling experience.

Any Condition

Concerned about repairs or the condition of your property? Whether it's just a bit dated or needs extensive work, we buy houses as-is. In Texas, hail wreaks havoc on roofs regularly, and knowing when yours was last replaced is crucial. Water heaters typically last about 10 years, while HVAC systems generally have a 15-year lifespan. Are there hidden issues like rotted wood, leaks, or other problems? At Ninebird Properties, we specialize in purchasing houses regardless of their as is condition. Even if it's filled with debris or has substantial damage, we'll buy it. From properties needing extensive renovations to those that aren't currently livable or have fire damage, we're interested. Contact us to sell your house as-is and get a free cash offer today!

You Pick the Closing Date

At Ninebird Properties, you dictate the timeline for cash in your bank. We specialize in paying cash for homes, offering flexibility in closing from as fast as 7 days up to 90 days if you need extra time. Our approach revolves around your schedule, not ours. Say goodbye to the chaos of coordinating moves - no more rushed departures with new arrivals looming. We buy houses in Dallas Texas and you can skip the traditional hassles and uncertainties of selling your house; let us streamline the process for you.

We Pay Cash

Ninebird Properties operates on a cash basis for all property acquisitions and does not rely on traditional bank financing. Our cash offers eliminate appraisals, third-party inspections, lender inspections, and financing contingencies that could jeopardize the deal just before closing. With us the cash buyer, the decision rests in our hands, not with a bank or lender. As the foremost cash house buyer, we purchase houses across all cities in North Texas. You can rely on a smooth and certain transaction when selling your house to us.

Move After You Get Paid

If you need your funds before relocating but still seek to sell your home fast and get paid cash, we've got you covered. At Ninebird Properties, we buy houses for cash and promptly deposit the funds into your bank account. Plus, you can remain in the home for up to 30 days at no cost after closing. Take your time to prepare for the next chapter of your life while enjoying a hassle-free selling experience. We specialize in quick cash house purchases, prioritizing your convenience over a traditional home sale

Sell My House Fast in North Texas

Fast House Sale in Dallas, TX: We Buy Houses for Cash, No Hassles!

Are you in urgent need to sell your house fast in the Dallas, TX area and get a house sold? We buy houses for cash and give you a fair offer!


You deserve a dedicated team of cash home buyers with over two decades of experience, offering a hassle-free process and quick cash solutions. Transparency is our pledge. When we commit to buying your house as is, count on us to deliver.

Unlike selling to companies that claim to be cash buyers but operate as wholesalers, we are the real deal. We don't just tie up properties under contract to pass them on; we have the cash ready to purchase.


No uncertainties, no backing out. Property owners can get a fair offer on ugly houses, vacant house, unwanted property, investment property, multi family homes, or any other property.

At our family-owned business, we prioritize your convenience. There are no hidden fees, no commissions eating into your profits, and no closing costs burdening your pocket.

Our streamlined process ensures a rapid turnaround. We aim to close deals in as little as 7 days, catering to your urgent needs. Whether it's a house in Dallas, a rental, or even a property with extensive repairs needed, we buy houses in any condition.

Request your fair cash offer today and experience the difference with our dedicated team of real local buyers. Let us take the stress out of selling your home in Dallas, TX while ensuring you receive a cash offer that works for you.

Sell House Fast Dallas

Sell Your House For Cash In Any Condition

Sell Your House As-Is and Walk Away Without Making a Single Repair!
Any Reason
Any Condition
Any Challenge

How Do I Sell My Home Fast In North Texas?

Selling Your House Made Easy: Fast, Simple Steps, Real Cash Offer!

Trying to sell my house fast can be a confusing, frustrating experience. With three easy steps, we make it fast and simple! We buy all types of property as is--whether it's a home, condo, or burdensome rental property--saving you time and money. No more real estate agent fees, no commissions, no closing costs, just a real cash offer!

Request Cash Offer

Enter your property information here or give us a call to get started. We'll give you a call right away to understand your situation.

We Review the Property

We'll present you with a fast and accurate cash offer after we see the house. "Instant" online offers are simply not real offers. 

You Pick the Closing Date

We move fast. We close and you get your money. In some cases you can have cash in-hand in as little as 7 days. 

Cash Home Buyers in North Texas Area Reviews

I could not have had a better experience dealing with Ninebird Properties. They were fair, timely, courteous and professional. Truly a first-rate experience! Thank you to the entire Ninebird Properties Team!

- Seth M.

Mark and Alden were great to work with and very professional. I got a good price and avoided the hassle and expense of having to use a realtor.

- Joe S.

Ninebird properties is a leader in the DFW Market! They are great to work with and can always find a solution when no one else can.

- Mike B.

These guys were great. Very fast and easy. We ran into a few problems and they took care of everything.

- Joe B.

I worked with Mark on a matter and found him to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him without reservation.

- Gil W.

We have known Mark and his company for over 5 years and his service, integrity, and quality of work are outstanding. We highly recommend him as a service provider.

- Anthony C.

Sell My House Fast in Dallas to Cash Home Buyers

Urgently Selling Your Dallas House? Discover Hassle-Free Cash Solutions!


Is the urgency to sell your house fast in the Dallas, TX area weighing on your mind? You truly deserve a committed team of cash home buyers backed by a legacy of over two decades, dedicated to delivering hassle-free processes and immediate cash home sale solutions tailored to your needs. Transparency isn’t just a promise; it’s our ethos. When we make the commitment to buy your property, trust us to follow through.

Unlike numerous buy houses companies that masquerade as cash buyers or home buyers but function as wholesalers, we stand as genuine cash buyers. We don't merely tie up properties under contract to pass them along; we have the ready cash to make the purchase. Zero uncertainties, no chance of backing out.

At our family-owned business, your convenience is paramount. We proudly offer a process devoid of hidden fees, commissions nibbling at your profits, or closing costs eating into your finances and market value. Our streamlined process ensures a fast turnaround. Our goal is to close deals in as quickly as 7 days, recognizing and meeting your pressing needs. Whether it’s a house in Dallas Texas, a rental property, or even a property in dire need of extensive repairs, we eagerly buy houses in any condition.

Request your fair all cash offer today and witness firsthand the difference with our committed team of genuine cash buyers. Allow us to alleviate the stress associated with selling your home quickly in Texas, ensuring you receive an enticing cash offer that perfectly aligns with your goals and needs. Sell your house today!

Always Ask for Proof of Funds

This should come from a bank statement. Real Dallas Texas cash house buyers have actual cash. 

Never Allow for an Inspection or Option Period

Professional Dallas Texas cash home buyers know what they are doing and do not need back out clauses.

Watch Out for "And or Assigns"

The phrase followed by the buyer's name is a red flag the buyer intends to flip the contract rather than close on the transaction. They are not real buyers. 

Earnest Money Deposit $5000 Minimum

Legitimate cash home buyers have no problem putting down large earnest money deposits. 

Closing Date 30 Days or Less

Professional real estate investors can usually close in 2-3 weeks allowing you to sell your Dallas house fast. 

Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Contract

Always use a TREC contract which is promulgated by the state of Texas to protect the buyer and seller. 

Sell My House Fast Comparison

Unlock a Stress-Free North Texas Home Sale with Ninebird Properties!


Finding the optimal method to sell your home in Dallas can be challenging, but Ninebird Properties presents a game-changing alternative compared to the conventional Realtor® or real estate agent route. As a cash buyer, our refined process offers an expedited, guaranteed, and seamless approach to selling your property in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

By opting for Ninebird Properties, you're not just ensuring a quick sale; you're also unlocking significant savings by sidestepping the hefty fees and real estate commissions typically associated with traditional avenues. We comprehend the value of maximizing your returns, and our strategy is tailor-made to do precisely that.

But beyond the financial advantages, our service eliminates the inconveniences and uncertainties often linked with conventional buyers in the home-selling process. Say goodbye to the chore of staging your home for endless showings or enduring the uncertainty of waiting for the perfect buyer to emerge. Ninebird Properties offers a refreshingly direct and stress-free process, ensuring a swift and efficient sale of your house.

If your priority is a prompt, assured, and hassle-free solution for selling your house in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, look no further. Reach out to us now at 972-996-1839, and discover firsthand the myriad benefits of selling your house to Ninebird Properties. 


Sell Your Home Fast For Cash In North Texas

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