Sell Your House Fast in Addison, TX

Sell Your House Fast in Addison, TX | Ninebird Properties, LLC

Ninebird Properties is able to close on the sale of your home in as little as 10 days. Here’s why.


No Time-Eating Mortgage Process

As experienced buyers who pay cash for houses, we won’t need a mortgage to buy your home. When it comes to selling your house fast, that’s a big deal.

A mortgage process can easily add weeks or even months to the time required to sell your house fast in Addison, TX. Anyone needing to sell a home fast should know the risks involved when dealing with a buyer seeking a mortgage.

Home sellers have often contacted Ninebird Properties after dealing with a prospect unable to secure a mortgage on a house that needed work. This includes buyers holding a “pre-approval letter” from a bank. That’s because banks are often very reluctant to loan money to would-be owners of houses requiring considerable work.

No Time-Eating Home Inspector
Like banks, home inspectors can add weeks or months to the selling process. First off, they need to schedule an inspection. After the inspection, they need time to write up a full report. On properties that need work, inspector reports often spell trouble. Buyers end up presenting sellers with a list of items they want to be resolved: items that could be time-consuming, headache-inducing, and costly. An all-too-common solution, of course, is a price reduction. But for owners needing cash for houses, that’s an undesirable option.

No Time-Eating Real Estate Broker
Something everyone hoping to sell a home fast should know: real estate brokers often slow things down. Way down. Yes, in certain cases, brokers have their advantages. But when you want to quickly sell a house that needs work, brokers can, like banks and home inspectors, add weeks or months to the time needed to complete the sale and receive your cash.

Many real estate brokers seek the path of least resistance. Before listing properties, they give sellers a “to-do” list of repairs and improvements that take time and money. And after properties are listed, in many cases, they must be shown 100 or more times before they’re finally sold. For homeowners hoping to sell a house fast, all those showings can add up to a lot of extra high-stress days.

When dealing with the House Buyer in Addison, TX, you sell your property “as is” – and show it just once: to us. You’re never asked to make repairs or improvements. You don’t even have to paint or clean. When we say we buy your house for cash “as is,” we mean it.

No Time-Eating Rookie Buyers
Like banks, inspectors, and brokers, rookie home buyers are notorious for adding weeks or months to the selling process. These novices often take sellers on an involuntary roller-coaster ride as they step through the buying journey.

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