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Plano Sports Authority

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Plano Sports Authority is one of the largest youth sports organizations in North Texas with over 100,000 registrants each year. It is a non-profit organization that offers recreational team sports and leagues.

The sport of pickleball is gaining popularity in Plano. The city council has approved a change to the city’s lease agreement to add more courts to PSA 1 in Carpenter Park.

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Plano Sports Authority

What is Plano Sports Authority?

PSA is a non-profit organization that provides quality year-round recreational and competitive youth sports leagues to over 100,000 children in North Texas. They were formed in 1970 when local individual sports leagues merged to form one administrative youth sports organization.

PSA does not take government funds and their mission is to make sure all kids can participate regardless of income, age or gender. They are committed to being a “one-stop shop” for indoor sports leagues, lessons and tournaments. They offer Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Martial Arts, Flag Football, T-ball, Cheerleading, Baseball, Softball, and Football along with Summer Camps and Winter Break Camps.

In the past, they have also offered Pickleball, a new sport to many families. They offer team uniforms that are usually paid for by the parents and a single order is placed early in the season. The uniforms are available in the PSA 1 store located at 6500 Preston Meadow Drive, Plano, TX. They have a wide variety of brands of gear in stock to fit most any budget.

What Sports do they offer?

PSA provides quality year-round recreational and competitive sports leagues for children. The organization has grown to four 85,000 square foot indoor sports centers, two in Plano and one each in Frisco, Murphy and McKinney. It’s a non-profit that is dedicated to providing every child the opportunity to play sports.

The PSA facility offers classes and Summer Camps in addition to sports. They offer a wide range of team and individual sports including basketball, volleyball, martial arts, soccer, baseball, football, and cheer.

PSA has more than 100,000 registrants per year and is the largest youth sports association in North Texas. The organization is set up as a non-profit and operates without any government funds. It strives to make all kids have the opportunity to participate in sports and build their character, fellowship and self esteem. The organization has an excellent reputation for providing a positive environment to have fun and learn to be good sportsman. PSA has a great commitment to its players and volunteers.

Which one is the best?

If you're looking for a non-profit youth sports organization in North Texas, Plano Sports Authority is one of the best choices. It offers a wide range of recreational and competitive sports leagues for kids all over the area.

PSA was chartered by the city of Plano in 1970 to provide affordable, single administration youth sports for children in the city and its schools. The nonprofit now operates three facilities. It draws participants from as far away as Rockwall and Highland Park.

Brynn Rogers, who plays soccer for PSA, said the Murphy location will cut down on her family's commute time. It will also allow her to practice with her teammates instead of having to drive to West Plano for games and practices. The Murphy facility is PSA's first outside the city of Plano.

How do I register my child?

Plano Sports Authority offers many team and class sports including Basketball, Football, Soccer (indoor & outdoor), Baseball, Volleyball, Martial Arts, and Cheerleading. Registration is done online through the MYSam website. When registering your child you will need to input the school they attend for pre-school and elementary players. You also have the option to state your child’s skill level which helps when placing them on a team.

PSA is a non-profit organization that does not take any government funds and relies heavily on volunteers to run their operations. They are committed to providing a safe environment with affordable sports for the Plano, McKinney and Murphy community. They run on a “break even” budget and use monies from non-sport activities like Concessions and The Shop to fund sports leagues. This allows the sports to keep their fees as low as possible. The City of Plano, McKinney and Murphy provide the land and fields for the PSA to meet its goals.

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